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I have worked with clients stemming from unique backgrounds & various industries. I have helped career coaching clients land an interview for their dream jobs & revamped 

LinkedIn profiles to increase a business owner's visibility. I am here to coach you on your resume, cover letters and/or LinkedIn. Let's get you "Linked In" to new opportunities! 



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"Working with Brand to Paper was seamless. In very little time, Erin prioritized my experience in an easy to read format. She knows what recruiters are looking for and really helped me organize my thoughts in a clear, concise way. If you're looking to get into the job market or just want to sharpen your resume skills, these are real tools that can help. I definitely recommend using Brand to Paper - they can help you too!"

~ Kelly - NJ

"Erin was absolutely amazing... to say the least! She was very quick, efficient and hands on at the task at hand. Prices were very affordable and most importantly, she was customer friendly. I highly recommend her and will definitely be using her in the future." 

~ Ashtyne - GA

"Erin is awesome to work with.   She is very knowledgeable about what employers are using to seek out good talent and has a great network from which to pull advice and other useful context.  Personally, I am pursuing several options in pivoting my career into a new industry and company.  Utilizing her cover letter and LinkedIn services, Erin was very helpful in aligning my brand strategy.  She was also able to identify ways to improve my brand and career search strategy moving forward.  I highly recommend her cover letter and LinkedIn services."

~ Allen - TN

"While the process of revamping a resume or personal brand can be daunting, Erin made the preparation process stress free and as easy as possible. She took the time to personally speak with me to gain a complete understanding of what I was looking for in my field so that she could cultivate the perfect resume. The finished product made me feel confident about beginning my job hunt and let me feel like I was putting my best foot forward when submitting applications."

~ Tiffany - GA

"Erin is a resume master. She will work with you to make your resume awesome while teaching the skills needed to update your resume in the future"
~ Maya - GA

"Erin was a true professional in her work with my resume.  She was always very accessible and answered any questions I had.  She gave great advice on how to handle different situations in my work history and gave me a great finished product to work with!  I highly recommend her!"

~ Heather - AL

“Erin was easy to work with and did a great job helping my son update his resume, put together a cover letter and understand the importance of his LinkedIn profile.”
~ Janet - TX

"Erin helped my son with his resume, cover letters and LinkedIn profile. She was so responsive, provided clear communication to both of us and provided a terrific product!"

~ Joanna - AZ

"Erin was super professional and helpful when it came to revamping my resume and cover letter. After submitting my new cover letter and resume I landed the interview I had been hoping for at one of my top hospitals! I highly recommend Erin's resume services! Thank you for all your help!"

~ Kyla - NY

"Erin was a great help when I needed to restructure my resume. She also worked with me to design a well written cover letter to apply for new jobs."

~ Mariah - GA

"After working with Erin to update my resume, I landed an interview at one of my dream companies! She made my current and previous work experience shine in a way that really stood out to employers. Before working with her, I spent way too much time editing my resume for each new job I applied for because I was never clear about what I needed to include to receive responses. She asked relevant questions and made sure to highlight my previous leadership experience. I could tell she really cared about my success. I highly recommend her if you're looking to take the next step in your career!"

~ Sam - FL

"I am so thankful for Erin. She helped me create a LinkedIn page for my upcoming job hunt.  LinkedIn is an important tool to let recruiters know you are looking for a job.  I am about to retire from a job I had been at for almost 30 years and had no experience with LinkedIn.  Erin asked me a few simple questions, and in no time, had me out there in the “LinkedIn World”!
~ Lisa J. - TX

"Erin was able to organize and effectively showcase my experience in a way that I wasn't able to do myself. Erin asked thoughtful questions and included experience in my resume I often overlooked or forgot about. She is very meticulous and detailed. Furthermore, she is great at communication and is available to answer any questions I had. I would definitely recommend her services to anyone who needs to revamp their resume. It is a great investment in your professional career as it allows you to gain confidence in your experience and prepare you in the career search. "
~ Anh H. - TX

"I loved using Erin for her resume service, she made a process that generally is a headache for me very easy. The resume that she created is absolutely amazing, she was incredibly thorough with my history, and I was overall very happy with the process and would work with Erin again." ~ Alex H

"In July, 2020 Erin helped me overhaul my job application materials. Working with her was easy—she focused on tailoring resume, job letter, and LinkedIn best practices to my unique background and the professional field I am seeking employment in and was open to the variety of creative ways we could present my skills, experience, and professional interests. In our conversations and e-mail exchanges for follow-up information, Erin asked me questions to draw out the kinds of professional metrics that I never considered to be relevant measures of my previous professional success and I never imagined could be indicators of my anticipated professional success. I still have to land that sweet job, but I have confidence in my ability to present myself with authority in each employment application I submit and in my viability as a job candidate! I highly recommend working with her."

~ Stephanie - GA

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